Why do tires have little rubber ponytails?

And really, why ?!

Oh yes, this is one of the great mysteries of the universe! You’ve probably noticed that funny little rubber ponytails stick out from some tires? They are on many (however, not all) brand new tires and are almost never found on already welltraveled tires. Ponytails, what are you?

Why do tyres have little rubber hair on them?

Numerous theories on this score are actually much cooler than the correct answer. Some people think that the ponytails on the tires indicate the expiration date of the tire. Like, as soon as they disappear from the tread, it is urgent to change shoes. Others insist that the tails distinguish winter tires from summer tires, supposedly providing additional grip on ice and snow. Still others do not doubt: tails are an indicator of quality, or rather, of low quality rubber. Like, nothing superfluousdoes not growon the tires of top brands.

All this, of course, is unthinkable nonsense. Although the option with tire quality is closest to the truth. The fact is that ponytails, in short, are needed for a carfor nothing. This is more of abugthan afeature“. They appear during the vulcanization process of the tire. In production, under the influence of temperature and pressure, excess rubber mixture is squeezed out through the provided holes in the mold and hardened. That’s the whole secret.

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By the way, it is believed that the tails are an indicator of the high quality of the tire, because there is no air left in the rubber compound. And all the disputes stem from the fact that some companies cut their tails, while others do not bother about this.

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