Why do some cars have trunk lights?

There are things that are obvious, and there are things that are not so obvious.

Why a car needs two windshield wipers is probably not necessary to explain. But why the hell do some car companies, like Opel, equip their models with a dual set of rear optics? Thinking to simply raise the price of your products? Other options?

In fact, everything is simpler and more logical. Representatives ofOpelofficially declare: the second set of rear lights, located in the trunk, is necessary for that rare, but still quite real case when you are carrying a bulky cargo and cannot close the hold lid. What foresight!

By the way, “luggagebrake lights are by no means an Opel invention. More recently, the same was installed on a commercial Mini Clubvan van, while the civilian Mini Clubman did without them.

Indeed, on many cars, the optics are located precisely on the trunk lid panel. And if she looks up to the heavens, how do you know that you are braking or reverse gearing? This is where the second kit comes in handy.

True, if the double set of rear lights on the Opel Insignia station wagon seems quite logical (“shedsoften have to carry something big), then the luggage optics on the Cascada convertible are rather strange.

Фото Opel Стайлинг 2014 GT (Maedchen and Motoren) машина вид сзади

The most expensive car with double rear optics can be safely considered the legendary super sedan Aston Martin Lagonda, in the late 70s amazed everyone with its design, technological sophistication, price and design again. Well, the very first example of touching care for cars following in a wake jet was, perhaps, the 1949 Nash Airflyte.

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