Who is first? Interesting facts about racing

Racing is adrenaline, excitement and feelings that cannot be conveyed in words. How is it – to fly faster and faster, strain all your strength and become the first? I suggest diving into the world of racing by reading my selection of interesting facts!

First car races

The first real car races took place in France in 1894. The participants had to drive 126 kilometers from Paris to Rouen, and then return back. And do you know how many motorists out of more than a hundred managed to finish? Only 21 lucky ones!

But what is interesting: in those races, the main criterion for victory was not speed. The winner was the one who gets to the finish line with the least number of breakdowns. The first place was shared by two cars – “Peugeot” and “Panar”. Both had gasoline engines – proving that a gasoline engine was more efficient than a steam engine.

However, the most amusing fact was that during the races an American reporter rode alongside the participants … on a bicycle! Yes, the speed of the first cars was very low (up to 18 km / h).

Miracles of Formula 1

michael_schumacher brazil_1995 by_f1

Times are changing: today’s races are no longer a bit like those first. The speeds and loads on the participants are just crazy! Just think: a Formula 1 participant loses two kilograms of mass in one race. Yes, and race spectators are not easy: they are sold special earplugs, because without them you can permanently lose hearing.

Computer racing

The first such games appeared in the 1970s and were developed for slot machines. Inconvenient handling, implausible car maneuvers and not very good graphics – these were the features of the first racing games. But over time they improved, and in 1996 the legendary game “Need for Speed” was released, which became a real classic of computer racing.

The slowest race

the race of turtles

And for a snack – a fun fact: turtles have their own races too! Calmly, well-mannered, even aristocratic, they crawl to the finish line – a plate of delicious juicy fruits. And this happens every year at the Indianapolis Zoo in the United States. I think watching such a special event is very funny and unusual!

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