What do the names of car brands mean

There are not only names and surnames here

Although, of course, most often it is someone’s passport data that hangs on the trunk lid. The names of the founders are everywhereCitroen, Opel, Toyota, Honda, Peugeot, and so on. In second place are abbreviations that make life much easier. It’s easier to say BMW thanBavarian Motor Plant”. The same story with FIAT, AMG, SAAB.

But there are other car brands whose names are not at all what they seem


Гелендваген» благодаря Brabus стал мощнее флагманского Ferrari

The name of the German tuning brand has nothing to do with exotic fauna. Don’t confuseBrabuswith a barbus! It appeared as a result of the addition of the first syllables of the surnames of the founders of Brackmann + Buschmann. And the main figure among these two was, oddly enough, the secondBodo Buschmann. But out of common sense, he did not insist on combining BusBra. Some kind of piquant nonsense would turn out


Классический Datsun 240Z "оскорбили" мотором от Toyota Supra

The reclosure Japanese brand Datsun is also half an acronym. DATthe first letters of the names of the founders of the company, to which the word son – “sonwas first added to denote a new compact, that is, the youngest model in the family. Then they realized that in Japanesesleepis consonant with the concept ofcollapse“, “loss“. So thesonbecame thesun“. It’s a pity, but an interesting story did not help the Japanese


А что тут нового? Тест-драйв Volvo XC90 2020-го модельного года

This is not the name of the founder, no. In Latin, Volvo (or rather, volvere) meansI roll.” The founders of the Swedish car company were directly related to the ball bearing giant SKF, which patented this trade designation back in 1911. In 16 years it will become the name of the first car of the most famous Swedish brand.


Volkswagen обнародовал изображения нового Golf - ИА REGNUM

Almost everyone knows the literal translation“people’s car“. And in the course, why is he national? Because the construction of the plant in Wolfsburg and the development of the first modelthe famousBeetle” – were financed by ordinary German citizens. Such a loan is the opposite: first you pay for a car, and then you drive it.

True, the salt of the story is that none of the ordinary Germans received their assignedBeetle“. And at the plant in Wolfsburg, they started the production of military allterrain vehicles for the Wehrmacht. So it goes


Kia Seltos - Car Price Starts 9.89 Lakh Lakh In India, Images, Review & Specs

It is a rare case when an abbreviation in a brand name captures not someone’s passport data, but a romantic phraseological unit. KIA meanssomething good that came from the East.” And in this case it’s not about kimchi


Cadillac повысил цены на три кроссовера в России | Новости | Известия | 16.06.2020

But here it was not without a wellknown surname. True, Cadillac is not the founder of the company, not the chief designer, or even the chief financier. Back in 1902, they decided to name the new car brand in honor of the man who founded the city of Detroit, the capital of the American automotive industry. True, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac was French, so it would be more correct to pronounce his last name asKadiyak“. But it doesn’t sound very good, tell me? ..

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