Tuners built cardboard Bugatti

Almost better than the present!

The first impression is the most correct. Familiar shapes and the Bugatti emblem give no room for error: this is the Chiron hypercar. Rather, his cardboard replica, lovingly glued together by Vietnamese bloggers from the Nhet TV channel. Of course, this is all a joke. Do not seriously use boxes from under TVs and office equipment to create a body, but instead of a motor, equip the Shiron with a pedal drive.

Cardboard Bugatti : Shitty_Car_Mods

Perhaps this is the smallest and slowest Bugatti in the world, but it is made with soul nonetheless. For example, the chassis of a Vietnamese hypercar is a spatial frame, albeit not a workmanship, but at least conceptually repeating the approach of the real creators of sports and racing models. In general, the timelapse video of the creation of this masterpiece returns us to the belief that a person can go through all the difficulties. If she laughs.

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