Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

Toyota’s legendary pickup is built for on-road duty and hauling heavy loads. For everyday driving, the Land Cruiser has a comfortable seating layout, comfortable seats, excellent brake performance, reasonable fuel economy, and it’s an acceptable choice for smaller family haulers. For the average family of four, a Toyota Land Cruiser is an excellent choice. It’s an SUV that’s built to last and isn’t a vehicle you want to customize; it’s just about the right size and layout for the average family.

Toyota Corolla

One of the best drivers in the bunch, the Toyota Corolla is the second best seller in the world behind its compatriot, the Toyota Camry. In America, Toyota markets the Corolla as a sedan, but it’s an attractive five-door hatchback that looks exactly like a sedan should. Although it’s not as good a performer as the Toyota Camry, the Corolla is a surprisingly capable family car with plenty of fuel efficiency, an adequate drivetrain, a relatively spacious interior.

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