Toyota Hilux pickup

Toyota Hilux pickup truck owners are used to having a tailgate open or on both sides to load and unload items. Toyota and other automakers have created sophisticated pickup truck tailgates that are often electric or electrically operated.

Today, Toyota introduced an electric tailgate for the new Toyota Hilux. This new tailgate includes a range of functions that include opening and closing, locking and unlocking, turning on lights and speakers, and raising and lowering the seat.

Toyota says this electric tailgate can operate up to 120 feet away from the vehicle in extreme conditions. The tailgate is designed for multiple ways to connect, including a cordless charge at the source or a direct charging option in a garage.

It has a 0.33 kW charging power that can deliver up to six hours of battery power to an electric vehicle (EV) battery. It has the ability to plug into a 120V outlet and has an optional rechargeable gas plug-in accessory that allows it to operate in low temperature.


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