The slowest car in the world

A team of Dutch researchers measured and compared driving speeds of luxury cars in the Netherlands to fast-moving cars that are positioned in various areas around the city.

They found that ultra-luxury cars were on average 0.54 meters per second (1.7 feet per second) behind fast-moving traffic, while slower models were 1.82 meters (6.9 feet) behind the faster traffic.

The fast-moving car was about a quarter of a mile (600 meters) from the slowest car on average.

This slowed pace would be deadly for everyone within the fast-moving traffic, especially if the slow car was hit by the fast car.

The researchers suggest that speed bumps could help slow cars down to less than 5 mph (8 kph) in slow-moving areas.

Upcoming research

Although this study was small, it can provide valuable information to automotive design engineers.

In the future, the researchers will study and compare drivers’ behaviors, based on data collected during the study.

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