The fastest car in the world

It’s absolutely incredible to think that one man could go a quarter of a mile faster than any other human in history. Richard Dunwoody (pictured above), nicknamed “Superman” for his amazing speed and ability to go through confined spaces, did it using a jet pack.

Superman was a British champion motor-racing driver before he decided to pursue a career as a stunt driver in the movies.

In 1972, he was hired to create and perform the best stunt in Stanley Kubrick’s famed film “Eyes of Darkness” – a burning car that spins 360 degrees and then crashes into the air while firing rockets. It’s one of the best car stunts ever filmed, and as a result, he was offered a role in “Superman III” for the record-breaking car sequence.

Richard was the only driver capable of going a quarter of a mile faster than any other human.

On the set of “Superman III”, he switched on the jet pack to perform the impossible.

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