The classic “Cobra” has been reinterpreted according to modern design standards

Is it the most controversial sports car of the year?

Classic car replicas are a winwin theme. Timeless design values  coupled with modern technical giblets seem to be the perfect combination. Well, unless, of course, an outright adlibbing begins ..

Superformance - MKIII R

Superperformance is known for its quality 1960s car replicas. But this time the hot California sun baked the guysheads too much, and they gave something completely unimaginable.

If you don’t believe it, see for yourself! At first glance, this Superperformance MKIIIR roadster looks like an exact copy of the classic Cobra. If you look closely, the lines and contours of the sports car that immortalized the name of Carroll Shelby are full of modern design features. Front splitter, rear diffuser, front spoiler, extended air intakesAll this, to be honest, adorns the Cobra just like a ballerina’s samovar.

Superformance MKIII-R Roadster Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers. | Top Speed

Against this background, the salon looks like an oasis of classics. Everything here is as it should be: oldschool instruments, bucket seats, twopoint seat belts. In a word, beauty. And in general, from the driver’s seat, all the design exercises of theSuperperformanceare not visiblethis is definitely the best place in the car.

Well, the MKIIIR is coming, of course, God forbid! Under the hood of a modernCobrayou can put a 7liter V8 with a capacity of 560 hp, promising dynamics in the region of 44.5 from acceleration to the first hundred.

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