The Americans have created a very strange Chevrolet Corvette: it has two V8s at once, and both in the back

At Detroit last year, GM unveiled its big new model to mark the 60th anniversary of its Corvette.
The latest version has a distinctly modern look that I think looks more like a sports car than a classic one.
To explain that to GM, I asked the chief spokesman for Chevrolet, Rick Wilkins, if I was correct in saying that modern cars are getting more and more modern.
“Well, it’s definitely more modern,” he said.
“The concepts, we’ve been through them in the past and tried to innovate in terms of the styling. But this is definitely more modern than you’ve seen before.”
Image caption The new Corvette features a very modern interior that is more like a sports car
The new Corvette is also very different in terms of power. It has more powerful engines.
“This Corvette is designed to have the ability to be supercharged and up to 650 horsepower – that’s more than the last two generations,” says the chief spokesman.

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