Tesla Model 3 sedan

Overall Impression

Overall, the Model 3 looks great and has a strong interior. Inside the cabin, the interior is built from sleek, yet luxurious materials, with a mix of leather, aluminum, and wood accents. It has an overall premium vibe, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the premium pricing structure on this car.

The Model 3 interior is minimalist, and the entire dashboard is customizable to any features you would want. If you are a more traditionalist, then you will enjoy the simplicity and practicality of the Model 3. If you love to customize your car to fit your personal tastes, then the Model 3 may not be for you. Overall though, the overall interior design looks great.

On the exterior, the Model 3 doesn’t look completely unique. It still has the regular look of a modern luxury car and is undeniably attractive, but there are definitely some flaws, which could make the Model 3 more expensive to produce and build.

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