Tesla has improved the dynamics of its vehicles via the Web

How to go faster without spending a cent? Recipe from Elon Musk.

For decades, this annoying fact has plagued the lives of thousands of sports car owners. After all, having given a lot of money for a brand new car, you become a hostage to the technological arms race. It will take some timemaybe a year, maybe a couple of monthsand a car will appear on the market faster. And improving the dynamics of your car is a whole story. Tuning is both difficult and expensive, and does not always help.

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Believe it or not, this is really a whole problem for some Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini owners. But not for those who drive Tesla. The electric cars of Elon Musk’s empire seem to scoff at the pressing troubles of the drivers of gasoline sports cars.

Judge for yourself. More recently, just last week, the acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h for the Tesla Model S Performance electric sedans was 2.5 seconds. By the way, a very impressive result. But now the accelerating dynamics of the Eski has become even steeper2.3 seconds. And this is not a typo or wishful thinking. Tesla just released a new firmware for the powertrains of its electric vehicles, which, among other things, made it possible to remove two dozen from acceleration.

Tesla's Brand Believers

So Tesla owners literally woke up owners of even faster cars. And for this, unlike the owners of Porsche and Ferrari, they did not have to hit a finger. Well, if you, of course, do not consider it hard work to press theUpdate softwarebutton.

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