Tesla flops: from Cybertruck transfers to ridiculous electronics mistakes

The Tesla Model S car falls flat on its face with some of its faults including its difficult to understand instrument cluster.

Retired Cybertruck opens up a Tesla Model S Model X: Could be faster than Chevy Bolt, but ultimately would have been a better fit

Retired Cybertruck truck driver Chris Kozak has opened up the cybertruck’s newest vehicle for the public. The Tesla Model X is a five-seat SUV, but we’ll be keeping our mouths shut about how fast it goes.

Tesla just released their “budget” electric car, the $50k Model 3

Tesla’s new luxury Model 3 sedan is priced at a stunning $50,000 (in the U.S.) before incentives, and almost double the cost of its predecessor, the luxury Model S.

Tesla Model S delivers stellar value to go 100 miles on a charge, courtesy of Motor Trend

Like the rest of the automotive world, Tesla seems poised to finally deliver on its goal of delivering electric vehicles for just $50,000 (and beyond, as it did with the Model S)

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