Sales of the new Volkswagen Taos have begun

Sales of the new Volkswagen Taos have begun in Europe. But VW’s commitment to selling the Tango outside of Europe seems like an ambiguous one. It could mean VW’s commitment to sell the Tango, the Tango II, or a combination of the two. But VW’s leaders say the Tango is not a European model.

Speaking to Reuters in February, VW design chief Oliver Schuster said the Tango’s design was not in the “brow of European consumers.”

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But that doesn’t mean the Tango’s production will stop at Europe. If the Volkswagen Tango II becomes a global product, it could eventually reach American streets, albeit only with a completely different design.

This is not the first time that Volkswagen has created a rough-edged, sport-utility vehicle to serve as a rough-edged, sport-utility vehicle. VW launched the Volkswagen Caddy in 1974.

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