Retro cars not for everyone

At the other end of the scale, BMW has developed its retro-inspired BMW X1; a two-door coupé on the bottom line is up for grabs for £31,050. While the retro coupe looks sporty and bold, some people might be disappointed with the fact that the retro-style BMW isn’t for everyone.

This retro coupe isn’t for everyone, but BMW is sticking to its guns, hoping retro looks will be the norm for a few more years.

Vintage, because its called Vintage!

It wouldn’t be retro cars, without having a few little pieces of classic memorabilia on the side. The Mazda MX-5 Roadster and BMW 328 are two classics which are going retro: the BMW will be featuring BMW’s Classic Union stripes in its paint scheme. The Mazda on the other hand, will have tinted ‘purity stripes’.

I’m more than happy for both carmakers to be involved with retro cars, because they have some of the best and most loyal car-following communities out there.

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