Presented charged Acura NSX Type S: 600 forces and reconfigured “robot” designation

Acura was heralding the public debut of their upcoming model line to be named A-Spec, when the 2013 NSX prototype turned into a public spectacle complete with a full crash-test display and simulated front wheel drive (due to illegal road or road course modifications by manufacturers on road courses). As expected, that didn’t involve a crash at all. Instead, it was a tear-drop-shaped racing replica of the NSX’s front end and reconfigured rear bodywork that was designed to help gauge crash loads.
Driven on and off the circuit at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama by Acura Racing Team USA members Ricky Taylor, Travis Pastrana, Mark Wilkins, Johnny O’Connor and Ryan Briscoe, the NSX “robot” displayed its 500 horsepower, all-wheel drive muscle, with four-wheel drive lockout, dual-clutch transmission, 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6. Fitted with giant 20-inch aluminum wheels, huge racing brakes and wing (heavily reconfigured), the simulated NSX appeared as an exact match to Acura’s…

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