Porsche 911 Tom Cruise put up for auction

Lots of cars have been put up for auction and some have gone for silly amounts of money. You could bid for a McLaren F1 or Ferrari LaFerrari but even the Porsche 993 seems to have lost its charm after such a little time.
But this Porsche 911 is far more desirable than just another used car. It’s one of the most valuable Porsche 911s out there. Porsche chose Tom Cruise to be the face of their classic 911 sports car and the car has now been put up for auction.
Buyers can pay a hefty $2.9 million or more for the 911.
As for Tom, well, after seeing how much the Porsche will go for, it’s not surprising he has a hard time remembering his lines.
This is an exciting time for people wanting to buy cars, but unless you have unlimited funds or know someone who has unlimited funds, you should probably just let it be and go for a Tesla instead.

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