Nissan X-Trail crossover

So if you’re looking for a spot in a parking garage, for sure jump on this car and head down south to South Beach.

Does Nissan have plans for a Vegas showroom?

The Nissan X-Trail is available in the Las Vegas area at dealerships in Nevada and California.

Of course, with the explosive success of the Nissan LEAF over the past few years, the brand is making a big push to offer zero emission options across their entire lineup.

The Nissan LEAF was originally showcased at the L.A. Auto Show. It’s a smaller version of the Nissan LEAF that would be aimed at the carpool lane only.

The LEAF would likely start in the price range of $35,000-39,000, which would likely land it in the company of vehicles like the Toyota Prius Prime.

The Nissan LEAF would be cheaper than the Nissan X-Trail SUV. But the LEAF would have the larger battery pack, and would likely pack a lot more capability than the X-Trail.


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