New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado – Coming Soon

Toyota has confirmed the launch of the latest version of the Land Cruiser Prado and also hinted at some special models for next year. The SUV is due to be introduced in January, which means we can expect more information about the new model to come in early next year.

The Prado has been in production in South Africa since 1972 and originally was produced in South Africa, Malawi, Brazil and South Korea, with the Land Cruiser Prado range now encompassing six different models. It was first introduced to the international market in 1991 with Japan becoming its largest market.

Currently in South Africa, the Land Cruiser Prado line-up consists of the L300, L350, L450, L510, L600 and L550 models.

Toyota’s Project H, which is aimed at bettering the quality of cars it produces has been showing off some exceptional new cars at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Project H is focused on improving the quality of both its luxury models such as the Lexus LS, as well as special models.

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