New BMW M4

The new BMW M4 was unveiled at the IAA last year, and is actually the first true M4 after the E92 models of course. This is why the car is special in the way it is – it changes things up a lot with the brand. BMW just reinvented their F1 strategy which they used for decades, as the new M4 is the ultimate iteration of the brand.
BMW Concept GT
They released the BMW Concept GT which was actually unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year. The car uses two compact segments which are one for the engine, and the other for the chassis. The concept uses a supercharged V8 which makes about 600 hp, and a 4 cylinder engine which can produce upwards of 2,000 hp.
That gives you an idea of the way the car looks like – a fast convertible car with a unique look – the production version won’t be as powerful as the concept, but it will be very close.
Jeep 4X4 Concept
The Jeep 4X4 Concept is a cool car to look at.

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