Luxurious interior and 224 power: what the new Chinese Great Wall Poer pickup looks like

According to the press release from, the Great Wall Poer pickup is packed with technology.
The electric battery packs provide a more impressive range and the strong power at the battery connection gives the pickup an amazing acceleration.
Chinese consumers will be able to drive the electric pickup with a power output of 300kW and a maximum top speed of 100 km/h.
According to the press release from, the battery pack of the new Great Wall Poer pickup is also compatible with an on-board charger which is also provided in the box.
In addition to its powerful engine, the truck has the potential for multiple functionalities like load carrying. This means that the truck can also carry material like sand, mud or gravel.
The new Great Wall Poer pickup also comes with intelligent driving features like the dynamic cruise control, automatic door lock and air suspension.
As a reminder, the previous generation of the Great Wall Poer truck was launched in 2014…

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