Ioniq 5 will become a robotaxi in Los Angeles.

Ioniq 5 will become a robotaxi in Los Angeles. This vehicle will have a 5-foot-wide cabin designed specifically for passengers in the driverless car market and will serve as the test bed for the next generation of vehicle tech for Toyota. It’s a great deal at $80,000 but I’ll wait on this until you’re committed to it because Ioniq Electric isn’t bringing all the efficiency you’d want and the way it’s branded is weird.

BMW 740e xDrive. BMW has proven its mettle as a premium automaker, and you can argue this is a luxury car at least. When you add the 740e’s hybrid system it starts at about $75,000 but BMW discounts it even further so you pay closer to $65,000. It’s the last luxury car on our list, though, because BMW can’t really compete at this price point and will be out of the market soon if it continues down this road.
If you don’t like the luxury look of this BMW, then you can find something far more efficient and cheaper.

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