How many kilometers will a car drive without gasoline

The yellow light is not a sentence.

Usually, a yellow low fuel level light on the dashboard will cause a mild panic attack. You immediately start looking for a gas station, and if it is not nearby, then a slight panic is replaced by a deep one. Indeed, the nearest gas station is not always located around the next bend. But how many kilometers do you have left?

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In fact, a low fuel level light bulb is not a disaster yet. Automotive engineers are, of course, aware that forgetfulness and inattention are typical Homo sapiens character traits. Therefore, the yellow light on the tidy is intended to remind you of the need to refuel, but does not mean that not a drop is left in the tank.

Usually the light comes on when there are still 58 liters of fuel in stock. The exact amount depends on the specific model. In any case, 4050 kilometers should be enough for almost any car, and even with the most uneconomical driving style. So stop panic!

When the fuel is critically low, the light usually starts blinking. Here you can already strain. Apparently, the car will stop after 1020 kilometers. By the way, a completely empty tank threatens not only troubles with the search for gasoline: a tow truck, a taxi to refueling and back with a canister in hand, and so on. Something worse could happen

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Let’s say the fuel pump cangulpfuel from the very bottom of the tank, where dirt and sediment accumulate. Another point is the lack of additional systems for lubrication and cooling of the gasoline pump. Usually these processes are efficiently provided by the fuel itself. But if it is not there, then theoretically the pump may fail. So take it as a rule: the yellow light is onimmediately turn off to the gas station. The machine will only say thanks.

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