Hongqi: the brand that Mao Zedong drove

No need to break your tongue trying to pronounce the name of the Chinese automobile company Hongqi, it is enough that it meansRed Bannerin translation. Half a century ago, Mao himself drove the cars of this brand, and tomorrow it could be you.

Until recently, Hongqi cars (this is the correct pronunciation of Hongqi) could not be bought at all. Even in China, even for a lot of money. The Red Banner vehicles were historically intended only for officials.


First for Mao and his associates, after the death of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Chinafor his loyal followers. But a few years ago in the PRC, figuratively speaking, the sale of tickets to themausoleumwas opened. Hongqi has been transformed from a closed franchiseonly for insidersinto the first truly premium car brand in China.

The Red Banner turned out to be a gold mine! The demand for Hongqi cars has grown tenfold, over 100 thousand copies were sold in 2019 alone.

There are now six models in the production program, including the just presented competitor to the Mercedes SClass. The Hongqi H9 is a huge sedan designed with the help of former RollsRoyce chief designer Giles Taylor.

In addition to the redcolored emblem on the radiator grille, thenineis nothing special: a standard set of decisions made in the class, plus a handful of cheap effects like a twotone body paint and sliding door handles. ButHongqican not be stopped: a midengined supercar, an epic SUV in defiance ofCullinanand plans to conquer the world are on the way.

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In 2022, Hongqi, for example, wants to sell 400,000 cars. Interestingly, by that time we will see at least one serialAurus“?

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