Honda CR-V of the new generation went to tests

The Japanese automaker Honda held the official unveil of the Honda CR-V of the new generation.

The CR-V is considered to be the best selling SUV in the world, and it is expected to maintain that status in the near future. It also goes to test with a smaller engine that has a more sporting orientation and will rival the CR-V CRX of the 1980s, according to AutoCar.

With more than 660,000 CR-V sold in the past 12 months, Honda will have to push it a lot harder to maintain its first place position.

That’s why Honda is relying on the CR-V XR and CR-V EX of the new generation. It should be noted that it will not just come with a smaller engine, but also has some other features that enhance its character.

The CR-V XR should come with some ideas similar to what is already present in the CR-V EX, but with some improvements on the exterior. Honda has confirmed it will offer black-tinted mirrors, seven-inch TFT touchscreen, larger alloy wheels and some aerodynamic improvements.

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