Haval showed a new “beast” – Shenshou

For more details, see the report by The Guardian’s Karam Seigel:

Made in Vietnam: 70,000 defective cars in 20 years’

On the case: Shenshou (Dragon) Motorcycle Company, a Chinese firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, claims to have sold 70,000 motorcycles globally from 1998 to 2010. The manufacturer said last month it had signed a partnership agreement with Thailand-based Haval Motorcycle and bought a 37.5% stake in the Thai company. In 2011 it made a majority stake acquisition of Japanese motorcycle brand Hixma. It also claims it is the largest motorcycle exporter to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

The media profiles of the controversial CEO Hao Taipei have also appeared in China’s popular news portal, Sina.com. The profile reads:

“Hao Taipei has a background in the electronics sector. He joined Shenshou in 1988 as vice-president, and within 10 years the company became the world’s fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer.

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