Coolest BMW 7 in history. Test of the rarest Alpina B12 6.0

Modern BMW cars are increasingly causing fierce controversy – over design in general and provocative “nostrils” in particular. But more recently, just a couple of decades ago, each new Bavarian model bathed in the rays of world fame. These were beautiful, dynamic, well-equipped and well-assembled cars that could not be disliked or at least disrespected.

The flagship of that family is rightfully considered the seventh series sedan in the back of the E38, well, and our review is devoted to perhaps the coolest and most desirable version from the tuning studio Alpina. There were only 94 such cars made all over the world, and it was this copy that was exhibited at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. Why is Alpina B12 6.0 so cool and why all the subsequent “sevens” no longer cause such enthusiasm?


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