BMW converts X5 to hydrogen power

Already after 18 months, BMW has already achieved substantial results for the production of hydrogen fuel cells at its plant in Munich. A consortium consisting of BMW, BMW AG and Daimler AG, who is also a partner in the Fuel Cell Supply Chain Organization, has already converted one series production X5 into a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for the European market.
This is a joint project funded by the EU and in line with its target for the reduction of CO2 emissions from road transport in Europe by 30 percent by 2030. This has been accomplished for the first time with the goal of only the smallest number of fuel cells needed. The vehicle is a new step on the road towards the volume phase of hydrogen-powered vehicle production in Europe.

More information about the European Hydrogen Initiative

Data on the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells

Producing hydrogen in a fuel cell requires huge amounts of hydrogen and the efficiency of the conversion is only 20 percent.

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