Audi Q5 design and styling

Our five-seat Q5 test car is the entry-level model. It features an optional digital engine display as well as an eye-catching exterior design, including new front and rear designs. The new Audi Q5 measures 5.3 metres (17.4 ft) long, with a length of 2.8 metres (9.3 ft) between the axles. It is almost 150mm (5.9 in) shorter than the previous model and 5mm (0.2 in) lighter than its predecessor. 

The wheelbase has been stretched by 14mm (0.5 in) and the width by 10mm (0.4 in). A new tail light design gives the Q5 a sportier look and allows an LED strip to be displayed across the entire length of the tail light. The interior has been improved in many ways. Like the Q5 Coupe, the interior is now painted in black, giving the interior a more premium appearance. Other changes include a host of new tech features and a large touchscreen infotainment system with a 12.3-inch display.

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