About Ferrari 250 GTO 

Vintage roadsters are some of the most collectable automobiles on the planet. One of the most prized examples is the beautiful Ferrari 250 GTO, originally a race car. The 250 GTO has a rich and storied past, making its collector’s value on par with the winningest sports car racer of all time, the legendary Phil Hill.

To date, the Ferrari 250 GTO has been featured in numerous magazines including AutoCar, Motor Trend, and Sports Car International.

In recent years, 250 GTO restoration projects have earned critical acclaim from respected automotive publications such as Motor Trend and Classic Driver. Recently, the Ferrari 250 GTO was awarded the European Car of the Year Award.

Relatively rare collector cars have become so coveted that car dealers and collectors are willing to spend a high premium for what amounts to a well-built collector car. But the Ferrari 250 GTO is truly the last of its kind. Only 36 such cars were ever built between 1964 and 1967.

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