Chevrolet Tracker

Chevrolet Tracker is a subcompact crossover with a “global focus”, which is focused primarily on urban use, but also adapted for outings.

In the second decade of February 2016, at the international Chicago auto show, an official demonstration of the restyled car took place – the exterior was “redrawn” in accordance with the current brand style, the interior was improved and new modern options were added (the equipment was left unchanged).

In North America, sales of the five-door began in the fall of the same year, and at the beginning of 2017 it reached Ukraine (and in the near future its production will be set up at a plant in Uzbekistan).

And before the Chevrolet Tracker looked attractive, knocked down and strong, and after the update it got a more harmonious and fit look. The facade of the car is especially good – daring optics with LED “eyeliners” of running lights, a two-level radiator grill and a raised bumper with a low hanging “lip”. From other angles, the SUV demonstrates not so spectacular, but quite stylish outlines: a sporty folded silhouette with pronounced “muscles” of rounded-square wheel arches and a sloping roof and a lean rear with a complex trunk lid and graceful lanterns.

The restyled Chevrolet Tracker copes with the conquest of the first “hundred” after 9.8-11.1 seconds, and accelerates to a maximum of 180-195 km / h. In mixed driving mode, the crossover “drinks” from 6.4 to 7.9 liters of fuel for every 100 km of run.

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