3 non-standard ways to protect yourself from theft

A good car thief will break conventional antitheft devices faster than you can clear the snow from your car. To enhance protection, you cannot settle a snake in it: it will be afraid and bored. But, fortunately, there are nonstandard tools that will seriously puzzle thieves.

Tecnoblock hydraulic system

The invention of one of the heirs of Leonardo, judging by the ingenious simplicity. The hydraulic and pneumatic clutch and brake systems have integrated valves that are operated via a simple key lock. By turning the key, the owner locks them, and when the hijacker presses the brake or clutch pedal, it will remain in the depressed position, it will not work.

Safe for ECU

Replacing the ECUthe electronic engine control unitis a common way to steal without grinders and drills. Therefore, here the hijacker also needs a grinder and a drill, then he will spit and go looking for easier prey.

Adapter to the ECU block connector

If your car was made after the Battle of Kulikovo and the expulsion of False Dmitry, it has a diagnostic connector through which the service can turn off the immobilizer if you lost your keys. But the hijacker can also disable it through the same connector.
Electronic Control Unit(ECU)
The problem is solved as follows: they put a nonstandard unique connector in the car, and you are handed an adapter from it to the standard connector to take with you to the service.

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