3 incredibly expensive and weird car options

If the wordsaleis an exotic expletive for you, pay attention to this list of expensive things that most have not even heard of.

It is clear that the oplists that Bentley or RollsRoyce compose for their cars can be read with the same ecstasy as the Forbes list (of course, if the latter has your name). Meanwhile, every selfrespecting automotive company has, let’s say, an additional offer: accessories that are not directly related to speed or reliability, but significantly increase the specific content of pathos in the life of a car owner.

  1.  Go to nature37,000 pounds excluding taxes

Both Bentley and RollsRoyce respect the noble hobbies of their customers. For example, the Bentley Bentayga has a special version, which is equipped at the factory with everything you need for fishing, it costs about $ 230,000. And RollsRoyce Cullinan, the first crossover in the history of the brand, has the socalled Viewing Suite. This is a table and two armchairs, which are built into the trunk and can be pulled out from there to give the owner the opportunity to admire from the heart, for example, the beauties of nature.

And Bentley, RollsRoyce, and some other manufacturers offer brandedpicnic setsfor their cars, but the other day RollsRoyce has surpassed all competitors. The British invented a portablechampagne chest” – a box with which you can always keep with you not only a bottle ofChandon“, but also dishes with a good snack.

The foldout chest is made of carbon, glass, steel and wood; it includes several thermal containers (for caviar, canapes and a bottle), four handmade crystal glasses, the necessary dishes and napkins made of pure cotton. Alcohol is not included in the package. But, given that in Russia the chest is valued at 5.7 million rubles, you can count on a gift.


  1. 2. Sit in the library200,000 pounds

This Bentley Book Costs $260,000 And Weighs 66 Pounds

Bentley celebrates its centenary this year. The British have long since grown out of short pants and know perfectly well how to please the most capricious clients. However, the appearance of Bentley on the bibliographic market was probably a surprise even for the most inveterate secondhand booksellers. The company decided to publish a book about its own history and approached the matter on a grand scale befitting the occasion.

The book Bentley Centenary Opus, which tells about the most remarkable events in the history of the company, will be released in only 607 copies. We are interested in the last seven: this is a special edition called the 100 Carat Edition. The 800page tome weighs about 30 kilograms without a case, contains handpainted watercolor illustrations on silk paper, and is enclosed in a leather cover borrowed from the court atelier Mulliner.

The cover is inlaid with hundreds of diamonds and the company logo is made of platinum. Against this background, the case made of polished aluminum looks somewhat poor, but its main task is to preserve all this luxury, right?

The Bentley Centenary Opus 100 Carat Edition has already been named the most expensive car book in the world, and its price is likely to only rise.


  1.  PACKING THINGS – $ 20,000

Roadsterbag Suitcase Set for Audi A8 4S Spyder/Roadster 2 Piece Travel  Suitcase: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike

A set of travel bags in the style of the selected model is now not offered except by AvtoVAZ. But this hectic market has its own leaders. Of course, collaborations between automakers and fashion houses have long been commonplace. For example, Patrick Hellmann himself once made suitcases for Audi, and Ferrari once invented a set of golf bags that fit perfectly into the small trunk of the magnificent F12 Berlinetta and cost more than $ 13.5 thousand.

But no one imagined that one day the laconic Bavarians would appear on this scene, somehow luring Louis Vuitton into environmentally friendly networks. The result of the collaboration is a set of bags that fit into the luggage compartment of the BMW i8 hybrid sports car with millimeter precision. To highlight the i8’s innovativeness, Louis Vuitton even developed a new fabric with carbon fiber, and consisted of a set of two suitcases, a suitcase and a business suitcase.

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