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3 iconic cars of the XX century

Yes, these cars did not have USB inputs, but happiness is not in the electronic dashboard and the builtin air fragrance!

1910s: Ford Model T

It is said that Henry Fordput the world on wheels.” And this is what those wheels looked like.

With the opening of the Ford plant, cars ceased to be the privilege of the elite and became available to mere mortals. Thanks to mass production, cars were now assembled on an automated assembly line (rather than individually) and went on sale in millions of batches.

The first model to be created using technologies never seen before was the Ford Model T. It was she who allowed middleclass Americans to travel long distances in personal transport, which was not the role of a horse.


The Plymouth era has replaced the greatness of Ford. Today the corporation has already stopped its work, but at one time their cars flew like hot cakes. This glorious era began in the not so glorious period of the Great Depression.

How did the Plymouth Fordor Sedan win over motorists? At a price, of course. Primarily. And also because it was a reliable car that was perfect for long journeys, including thanks to the large luggage compartment.

Also available for the first time is a floating engine mount, which reduces vibration and significantly improves comfort.

And the Plymouth Fordor Sedan had a very premium look: wheels with decorative stripes, a chrome body and a dashboard made of wood.


The oil crisis of the 70s forced many automakers to reduce the power of their cars, but not the guys from General Motors. They surprised everyone by doing the oppositeincreasing the power to 330 hp.

And, as you might guess, it was right. The world gladly accepted the novelty, and after the release of the filmThe Policeman and the Banditwith Burt Reynolds in the title role, the popularity of the model went beyond all reasonable limits.

The Trans Am modification of the Firebird featured excellent steering and reduced ground clearance. A squat, flattened body, square headlights and a branded firebird (the same firebird) on the hoodthis is how auto hits once looked.

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